Book Reviews:

  1. As Poets the world over clamor to get their words heard, Theron Kennedy took up the task face on with his release of Love Always Theory. Straight up...this is not your grandma's poetry. The read is fierce and fast paced, with brutal honesty, an agonizing longing and a lyrical flow that will have you wanting to step to a mic and spit the words out loud for the world to hear them. There is hunger, physical and spiritual...there is lust, shameful and sweet, their is anger, frustration, but above all, there is love. This goes beyond the she/he and drops names, lending character and even more depth to his pieces and is a very smart, smooth way to fully engage the reader. When he rhymes, it is brilliant, and when he doesn't, you still get lost in his flow. A well packaged, beautifully presented collection that has to grace your poetry shelf, ESPECIALLY if your a fan of contemporary works. Personal favorites include holding hands in hell,Versify and Take Me With You near broke my heart. This is one reader who will not be detaching from the work of Theron Kennedy anytime soon.
  2. Theron Kennedy's poems are addictive. I couldn't stop myself from reading and feeling his words. His lines are beautifully crafted. Each poem is well versed with amazing metaphors and sweet and beautiful imagery. His words paint abstract yet vivid emotion. He artistically creates nude images and feelings. The intensity of his emotion radiates like energy touching my heart, mind, and soul. His beautiful mind leads me on a journey to his whole being. He remarkably redefines love and its culture. His expression of pain is impressive. Each of his poems is a song. As I swim through it I see beautiful movies featuring the life of this amazing poet. Nenita Gutierrez