Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Whisper Me Words

Writing is for thinking
through the day. Its for
playing with words until
you make so much sense

of things that someone somewhere
falls in love with you.

Writing is for expressing emotion.
It's also for finding as many ways
as possible to say something,
or to say nothing that means something.

I hate when writers become critics.
I wish critics would become poets.

Whisper me 12 sentences and
I'll pay you $5. She said,
"speak directly to me, it's time
to stop orbiting and
come back down to earth."

It took me a bit because
up here it's so peaceful
comfortable and safe.

If I live long enough,
there will be human life
on mars. A planet that bears
its own scars. Has it's own
climate science. Signs of where
water used to be.

She was like water.
My writer friend said,
"Stay thirsty." So I drank
until I couldn't get my fill.
Loved the new drunk.
Stayed sober from my
punch drunk.

She writes I read.
I write she reads.
Spies like us bleed too.