Thursday, July 13, 2017


By Annie Pratt on Unsplash
Love stitches up 
a broken heart
and rouses it heal.
Hearts daily woken
light up the mind.
A mind gently stoked
burns away many yesterdays.
Physiological signals
confess trauma points
to the practiced observer.
This is how an educated heart
scaffolds a lifelong learning mind,
allows for rewind and reflection,
untethers then frees the body.
It turns winter freeze
to spring thaw. 
You'll see things more clearly.
Hyper-vigilance no longer
feels itself drowning.
The seat of the soul opens
and gives birth to your lotus.
Find felicity and focus.
Understand love, mindfulness
and brain-spotting.
Then you can see the world,
or just see your world differently.