Saturday, July 8, 2017

A New Theory of Love

I like how we branch out,
individuate if you will.
We all still have the same roots.

Photographer Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If I study the rings 
of the tree
that I was, I see a longing
for the sky.

I wonder if functional atomic relationships
inspired that longing to become birds.

I am no longer a tree.
I love the sky. Even when
I choose to walk or nest.

There've been times in my life
I've been written a flight risk.

Nick Karvounis

It's true that I would often
choose velocity over subsistence.

As time passed by, I learned about
flight patterns and migrations.
You might say I became 
the Orville Wright 
of an inner flight. 
Rod Long

Then the longing was for something concrete.
I chose a slow and steady path toward
stabilizing the lives of people
who choose me. 

Srivatsa Sreenivasarao

I see the bittersweet fruit of it all in
the lives of my sons. 
Now, I'm something like an
Air Traffic Controller at a small
airport in a small town. 

Chris Leipelt

One plane approaches the runway
for a flight toward his dreams.

Another recovers from rough weather
but still, seeks to be transportation
to a new destination.

Fancy Crave

I hope they don't fixate on trees.
Above the trees, above the clouds,
are the jet streams.  

Morre Christophe

Maybe I'm their nucleus.