Friday, June 30, 2017

My Soul's Vibrato


I'm enchanted,
and I have been since Killin' Me Softly
It feels so good to be felt.
You might choose to admire me from afar
And let me admire you from afar.
I'm a wild horse who is happy untamed.
I'll dance sideways to stand close to you.
And I'd try so hard not to get spooked.
And if you're the one who gets spooked,
I'll still be singing songs about you
Years From Now.

Monday, June 26, 2017

English Vs. Hindi

English Vs. Hindi: Why is English so popular? I mean besides the obvious reason that the English speaking community has taken over the world. How did English end up being the language that ended up getting chosen? It…

Praying for word peace

Dogs bark in every direction.
The unfed bark louder
and become enraged as they approach starvation.
The dogs who eat still grow vicious
with fear.

Not only are the blind leading the blind
they are operating on each other.
The fighting fire with fire advocates
seem hellbent on watching the world burn.
In a twist, there will soon be too much water
that no one can drink.
The believers believe in nothing I can see
and the nonbelievers have formed their own
But I still watch for the helpers with love
as my operating system,
meditating to manage all irrational fear.

Ron Kennedy June 2017
All Rights Always Reserved