Sunday, October 30, 2016

The 5 People Who Make Life Heaven

They listen when you need to talk
Talk when you need to listen
They know your darkness
Let you know theirs
Without judgement and expectation
You can talk to them about how you see things
They don't get angry or anxious when you disagree
Trust you enough to say what they really think
Read tweets and novels
Never make you beg or grovel
Won't allow it
Remind you that you're better than that
Lay some of their burden on you
Let you behind their wall
Feel welcome behind yours
You feel each other with heart and mind
Even if you don't explain yourself 
They get you
You get them
These are the ones that make life worth living
Make you love to be alive
Reflect you to you
Teach and learn
Some days the lead singer
Some days the band
These are the ones
You can count on one hand

(c) Ron Kennedy