Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ode To Revolutionaries, Protectors, and Movements

Some people mistake being embraced
For being erased
See the roots of the confusion
We make snap judgements
Have short attention spans
Trust too much of what we hear
Don't do enough research
Fear the unknown
Disrespect the scholars
Sometimes ignorance
And misunderstanding hurts
Love and understanding heal
Scratch the surface
Say and see how life feels
From other perspectives
Be reflective
Go halfway
Reach out your hand
Serve in ways that bring
New light and life 
Into the human condition
Let the love of your life go
If she's not happy
Let it be
Everything that's mine
Comes back to me
Often from a different direction
Show love to those who need it
We all bleed
We all fight or flee
whatever it calls for to survive
We all want to thrive
Deadbeats and Welfare Queens
Are at most rare
At least fiction
What's this verse about
And where is it going
It's about knowing
Thoughts flowing like a waterfall
Mind quick out the stall
Fast off the block
Agile to adapt
If you feel me
Let me hear your hands clap
Let your fingers snap
Or just say Word!
Come see about me
Forget what you heard
From somebody else
What we speak into life
Is the next hand we're dealt

The 5 People Who Make Life Heaven

They listen when you need to talk
Talk when you need to listen
They know your darkness
Let you know theirs
Without judgement and expectation
You can talk to them about how you see things
They don't get angry or anxious when you disagree
Trust you enough to say what they really think
Read tweets and novels
Never make you beg or grovel
Won't allow it
Remind you that you're better than that
Lay some of their burden on you
Let you behind their wall
Feel welcome behind yours
You feel each other with heart and mind
Even if you don't explain yourself 
They get you
You get them
These are the ones that make life worth living
Make you love to be alive
Reflect you to you
Teach and learn
Some days the lead singer
Some days the band
These are the ones
You can count on one hand

(c) Ron Kennedy 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Serving Sentences

I've been serving sentences
For crimes I didn't commit
Studying survivors 
Trying so hard not to quit
I've had 2 billion teachers
And still don't know enough
I don't see how a darkened mind
Could be circuited to a heart
That's filled with love

I've been serving sentences
For poems I didn't submit
I've had my laureate moments
Sometimes I'm mediocre at best
I feel so exhausted from my losses
But I still know my way to bliss
I still believe in fairy tales
Though I've learned to survive
Without love's kiss
Some once upon a times
I ruined everything
I've still known no greater joy
Than when my sons sing

I've been serving sentences
For rhymes that weren't legit
I'd still give anything sometimes
For Hip Hop to love me back
I wanted to be knighted
From the firsts to touch the booth
With a mic and two turntables
Add a band like The Roots
I paid admission
I paid dues
I filled vaults 
All the way to heaven
I know it was my own fault 
I didn't make it to the feast
Half steps and lack of preparation
Are like marks of beasts

I've been serving sentences
Hoping to escape from Alcatraz
I've spent many hours studying letters
of Al-Hajj Malik El Shabazz
MLK and Jiddu Krishnamurti
And Jesus was just as sweet
Sometimes my sentences don't ride a beat
It's like a combination lock theory
I believe I'm ultimately set free
By perfecting my inquiry