Sunday, September 18, 2016

Come Around

Technology is beautiful and cruel
Without it I would never have met you
Now I wish I could know you more
We should love the world together
Make sure all the children have love
Knowledge, food, clothing, and shelter
And an equal chance
Teach them about equality
And how not to be exploited
Teach them oneness
And how everything is connected
Allow them space to be safe
And become who they are
And who they want to be
Would you do this with me
Come around me
Get to know me more
I bet you forget my flaws
I bet you fall for my heart and mind
And our love would make us both better
Make us stronger to face any kind of weather
I'll wait until your love comes around
I'll make life better for each person I can
while I wait for you to love me
I'm happy here.
Building Deven's future
And helping him become a man
I so wish you could share our dreams
And we could share yours
Thank you for existing in my life.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Pledge Allegiance To Colin Kaepernick

The oppressor is still an aggressor
Violently taking life and life giving resources
funding misguided genocidal occupations
Ignoring treaties
My government doesn't share my values
There are talks of civil war
From The oppressors red brother
I went blue for Barack and Bernie
But now I don't recognize who blue has become
I will stand in solidarity with the oppressed
By any means available to me
If we are one country
If we are one nation
Why do we have armed occupation
How long will we tolerate it
Settle for lesser of evils
Who will only maintain the status quo
Educate your heart
Educate your mind
Educate your priorities
Regime change within one generation
Then maybe our nation lives up to its promise
Abolitionists like Lincoln
Interindependents like Thomas
None of us are safe until we protect all our babies
No question about it
No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes.
If you deny any human their rights
You've lost my loyalty
And The Star Spangled Banner, The flag, 
And an empires legacy
Don't mean a damn thing to me
Until my brothers and sisters of every color
Live happy and free