Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Moon by Deven A. Kennedy

The moon came into being, only the slightest of slivers. The moon looked down on the world with new eyes. The moon was damaged. From the first light shining on it. It had damage. As the days passed it slowly grew. It began to fill in and expand and become larger. As it did, more bruises could be seen on its dusty surface. Days passed. The moon was then half of what it could be, with more to look forward to and more to improve. The moon could only grow. Even as more damage was shown it continued moving forward. Days passed. The moon continued to grow. Becoming more and more of what it was destined to be but also unveiling more and more bruises on its skin. Then the moon was full. It was at its peak. It was all that it could ever be and it was all that it had worked for. All the damage it had received was worn proudly on its surface. The moon was full. The moon was complete. But then the moon began to wane. Slowly becoming less and less of itself, the moon lost its completion. Days passed. More days passed as the moon was half of what it used to be. It had lost half of itself, and it had lost half of its damage. The moon continued to lessen and lessen, losing more and more of its entirety. Then, the moon was gone. Only a hole in the starry sky where it used to be. All of its damage was gone. All of it was gone.  The moon came into being once more, only the slightest of slivers.

Deven A. Kennedy
 © August 2016