Friday, June 24, 2016

Quiet Spaces

When I know someone suffers
My eyes get wet
When I see a wrong
I need to try to make it right

When a good line crosses my mind
I need to write
I'd rather love than fight
And for the first time in my life
I'm fine alone
I'm in my zone

All of my mind
That's mine to control
Feels sublime
Most of the time

I don't seek my worth
In anyone else's eyes
My soul flies
And my dreams travel
Nothing unravels
That shouldn't
If I could die tonight
I wouldn't

I want to live
To see the final sunset
Remember all the people I've met
Feel regrets become fond memories
Feel comfort grow out of dis-ease
Feed my brain
To ease chronic pain

Crazy enough to survive
Grateful to be alive
Especially in the turbulent moments
If you want to know about me
Listen to how I speak
Feel my heartbeat
I think you'll find peace
Enough even for you
I am life, love, and truth
At least that's what I intend