Sunday, May 22, 2016


I love when you call me Dad
It feels like I'm a King
I wish we'd have had more time
I'm sorry for all the birthdays I missed
I'm sorry for all the hurts 
I couldn't heal with a hug

I won't make any excuses
Just know I've always hoped you were mine
And that someday we would find each other
I hope we can be close like best friends
Feel my heart and soul
Tolerate if you can't love my mind

You always belong where I am
If that's where you want to be
I hope we get to see
15,000 tomorrows
More joys than sorrows

We can't get the last 23 years back
But we can make the most of 
The rest of our lives
If we can't see eye to eye
If we see the world from opposite ends
Let's not ever let the love get thin

I belong to you and to Deven
I'm already a better man since we met
Please remember sometimes people 
Aren't what we'd hoped
But sometimes who they are
turns out to be beautiful.

I'm proud, honored, and overjoyed
To be your father
I want to celebrate your wins
And coach you through your losses
I can teach you so much
That I've learned from my mistakes
If you need a rock I'm here
If you need a hand I'm here
If you need to talk I'd love to listen
I feel so grateful
To have you in my life
Welcome to my world
I love you Joseph