Saturday, April 9, 2016

Medical Mary Jane

Sometimes he's like a cat
laying close but aloof
Waiting for unrequested touch
She's attached to his unrequited love

Some moments seem
so close to breakthroughs
or maybe they get high enough
to see over dividing walls
He's a vertigo rebel
She's without a flaw
Or at least not many

He analyzes
She sees misogyny
And power plays
It's ego if anything
He doesn't want to be too eager
So excited to see her
He almost wets the rug

She is an intelligent drug
He is daring, nerve, and audacity
She has the capacity
To embrace or reject
He remembers how much it hurts
And what it's worth
Cautious but not risk averse

Near to her just feels right
He wishes with all his might
Visualizes with all his mind
Confused sometimes by her traffic signs
He'll be fine
No matter the destination
He offers himself without expectation
To the someone right he thinks he sees
She eases pain
Medical Mary Jane
He is someone she can take or leave
Or take and leave
That's how she said it
And how he believes

Theron Kennedy 2016