Tuesday, March 29, 2016

If It's Any Constellation

I wish you'd paint the ceiling
Of my Sistine chapel
Then lay under those stars with me
Tangled up in Quantum Physics
Talking of Mullahs, Monks, Mystics
And Sufi Poetry
On windowed souls glowingly, knowingly
Intentionally being what we want to become
I hear a drum
Some horns and strings
Immortals singing of metaphysical things
Too many for them all to come true
Auras and chakras like
Northern lights
Southern crosses
Pebbles with causes
Rippling lakes, rivers, oceans
The moon regulates
Quixotic states
Dancing wicks
on candlesticks
of eternal flames
Rare as Haley's comet
Like Peter Parker and Mary Jane
Smooth beautiful change
In physical reality
For as long as you want me

Ron Kennedy 2o16