Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ode To Revolutionaries, Protectors, and Movements

Some people mistake being embraced
For being erased
See the roots of the confusion
We make snap judgements
Have short attention spans
Trust too much of what we hear
Don't do enough research
Fear the unknown
Disrespect the scholars
Sometimes ignorance
And misunderstanding hurts
Love and understanding heal
Scratch the surface
Say and see how life feels
From other perspectives
Be reflective
Go halfway
Reach out your hand
Serve in ways that bring
New light and life 
Into the human condition
Let the love of your life go
If she's not happy
Let it be
Everything that's mine
Comes back to me
Often from a different direction
Show love to those who need it
We all bleed
We all fight or flee
whatever it calls for to survive
We all want to thrive
Deadbeats and Welfare Queens
Are at most rare
At least fiction
What's this verse about
And where is it going
It's about knowing
Thoughts flowing like a waterfall
Mind quick out the stall
Fast off the block
Agile to adapt
If you feel me
Let me hear your hands clap
Let your fingers snap
Or just say Word!
Come see about me
Forget what you heard
From somebody else
What we speak into life
Is the next hand we're dealt

The 5 People Who Make Life Heaven

They listen when you need to talk
Talk when you need to listen
They know your darkness
Let you know theirs
Without judgement and expectation
You can talk to them about how you see things
They don't get angry or anxious when you disagree
Trust you enough to say what they really think
Read tweets and novels
Never make you beg or grovel
Won't allow it
Remind you that you're better than that
Lay some of their burden on you
Let you behind their wall
Feel welcome behind yours
You feel each other with heart and mind
Even if you don't explain yourself 
They get you
You get them
These are the ones that make life worth living
Make you love to be alive
Reflect you to you
Teach and learn
Some days the lead singer
Some days the band
These are the ones
You can count on one hand

(c) Ron Kennedy 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Serving Sentences

I've been serving sentences
For crimes I didn't commit
Studying survivors 
Trying so hard not to quit
I've had 2 billion teachers
And still don't know enough
I don't see how a darkened mind
Could be circuited to a heart
That's filled with love

I've been serving sentences
For poems I didn't submit
I've had my laureate moments
Sometimes I'm mediocre at best
I feel so exhausted from my losses
But I still know my way to bliss
I still believe in fairy tales
Though I've learned to survive
Without love's kiss
Some once upon a times
I ruined everything
I've still known no greater joy
Than when my sons sing

I've been serving sentences
For rhymes that weren't legit
I'd still give anything sometimes
For Hip Hop to love me back
I wanted to be knighted
From the firsts to touch the booth
With a mic and two turntables
Add a band like The Roots
I paid admission
I paid dues
I filled vaults 
All the way to heaven
I know it was my own fault 
I didn't make it to the feast
Half steps and lack of preparation
Are like marks of beasts

I've been serving sentences
Hoping to escape from Alcatraz
I've spent many hours studying letters
of Al-Hajj Malik El Shabazz
MLK and Jiddu Krishnamurti
And Jesus was just as sweet
Sometimes my sentences don't ride a beat
It's like a combination lock theory
I believe I'm ultimately set free
By perfecting my inquiry

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Come Around

Technology is beautiful and cruel
Without it I would never have met you
Now I wish I could know you more
We should love the world together
Make sure all the children have love
Knowledge, food, clothing, and shelter
And an equal chance
Teach them about equality
And how not to be exploited
Teach them oneness
And how everything is connected
Allow them space to be safe
And become who they are
And who they want to be
Would you do this with me
Come around me
Get to know me more
I bet you forget my flaws
I bet you fall for my heart and mind
And our love would make us both better
Make us stronger to face any kind of weather
I'll wait until your love comes around
I'll make life better for each person I can
while I wait for you to love me
I'm happy here.
Building Deven's future
And helping him become a man
I so wish you could share our dreams
And we could share yours
Thank you for existing in my life.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Pledge Allegiance To Colin Kaepernick

The oppressor is still an aggressor
Violently taking life and life giving resources
funding misguided genocidal occupations
Ignoring treaties
My government doesn't share my values
There are talks of civil war
From The oppressors red brother
I went blue for Barack and Bernie
But now I don't recognize who blue has become
I will stand in solidarity with the oppressed
By any means available to me
If we are one country
If we are one nation
Why do we have armed occupation
How long will we tolerate it
Settle for lesser of evils
Who will only maintain the status quo
Educate your heart
Educate your mind
Educate your priorities
Regime change within one generation
Then maybe our nation lives up to its promise
Abolitionists like Lincoln
Interindependents like Thomas
None of us are safe until we protect all our babies
No question about it
No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes.
If you deny any human their rights
You've lost my loyalty
And The Star Spangled Banner, The flag, 
And an empires legacy
Don't mean a damn thing to me
Until my brothers and sisters of every color
Live happy and free

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Moon by Deven A. Kennedy

The moon came into being, only the slightest of slivers. The moon looked down on the world with new eyes. The moon was damaged. From the first light shining on it. It had damage. As the days passed it slowly grew. It began to fill in and expand and become larger. As it did, more bruises could be seen on its dusty surface. Days passed. The moon was then half of what it could be, with more to look forward to and more to improve. The moon could only grow. Even as more damage was shown it continued moving forward. Days passed. The moon continued to grow. Becoming more and more of what it was destined to be but also unveiling more and more bruises on its skin. Then the moon was full. It was at its peak. It was all that it could ever be and it was all that it had worked for. All the damage it had received was worn proudly on its surface. The moon was full. The moon was complete. But then the moon began to wane. Slowly becoming less and less of itself, the moon lost its completion. Days passed. More days passed as the moon was half of what it used to be. It had lost half of itself, and it had lost half of its damage. The moon continued to lessen and lessen, losing more and more of its entirety. Then, the moon was gone. Only a hole in the starry sky where it used to be. All of its damage was gone. All of it was gone.  The moon came into being once more, only the slightest of slivers.

Deven A. Kennedy
 © August 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Until One Of Us Sleeps

I love the way you 
Forgive me for asking
When you already told me no
It doesn't hurt 
It is a brushstroke
In the painting of life
As are your stories
That I so love to read
They hold me captive
I hope they never let go
Remember that time
We talked until sunrise
I wondered if I was
Talking too much
Not listening enough
Because I'd really rather
You speak and I listen
I feel you 
In a telepathic sense
Sometimes it feels like
I know you inside and out
Sometimes it feels like
I have to get to know you
Over and over again
I'd love to
Sit with you
And listen as 
The years accumulate
In your face 
And the strength grows
Inside me
Even if your words
Were about other people
I know I'd feel peaceful
My angst is on a world tour
We hardly speak anymore
When we do talk
We talk about audacity 
And impossible dreams
And agree that those are treasures
In their own right
Someday, I hope
A thousand of my words
Strum your pain
Sing your life
Let you know you're felt
I feel the fire inside you
I feel a longing
But I don't want to suffer
In teenage Shakespearean desperation
I want to taste the honey
In as many small moments
As can be squeezed into a lifetime
Even if they are moments 
Where I just listen
Someday will be ours

Monday, August 1, 2016

Era of the Soul

I spend the day with her song
The sunset with her painting
I move her words around
Within her sentences
Trying to see clearly
Who she is and
Who I imagine her to be
She is mine
I am hers
What is the question
Who is the answer
I want to touch her ear
And feel her hear me
I want to touch her eyes
when she smiles
I want to touch her lips
I want to touch her hips
As she looks in my eyes
And leans into me
I wait for the days
She needs me to catch her
Make her feel safe
Until again she goes
And I spend the day with her song
The sunset with her painting
I move her words around
Within her sentences
Trying to see clearly
Who I am to her
Sometimes I think of leaving
What if she doesn't
Ask me not to go
And all I know is
Nobody will ever love her harder
Nobody will ever be
So satisfied with her touch
Nobody will ever know love
More than I did for her
If they do and her happiness
Is obvious even to the inattentive
Then I'll let go again
Be a best friend
Who hopes she would 
Never let me be that selfless
Feed my audacity
Put her fingers between my fingers
Let me feel her hair on my face
Let these moments pass in silence
Choose not to go
Without me asking her to stay
Say she's mine
Say I'm hers

Friday, June 24, 2016

Quiet Spaces

When I know someone suffers
My eyes get wet
When I see a wrong
I need to try to make it right

When a good line crosses my mind
I need to write
I'd rather love than fight
And for the first time in my life
I'm fine alone
I'm in my zone

All of my mind
That's mine to control
Feels sublime
Most of the time

I don't seek my worth
In anyone else's eyes
My soul flies
And my dreams travel
Nothing unravels
That shouldn't
If I could die tonight
I wouldn't

I want to live
To see the final sunset
Remember all the people I've met
Feel regrets become fond memories
Feel comfort grow out of dis-ease
Feed my brain
To ease chronic pain

Crazy enough to survive
Grateful to be alive
Especially in the turbulent moments
If you want to know about me
Listen to how I speak
Feel my heartbeat
I think you'll find peace
Enough even for you
I am life, love, and truth
At least that's what I intend

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The God Hour, Rainbows, and Reunions

If a promised land had terrorists, gangsters, and klansmen,
If it had powerful, greedy, land-grabbing war profiteers,
If its God had armies that murdered old ladies and babies,
Or called on servants to kill, maim, and massacre
Caused disasters just to teach us lessons,
Made us believe we earn our punishments and our blessings,
Or waged war about things we were forced into confessing,
Allowed the poor to be exploited or enslaved,
Live and die in that condition without being saved, 
If we engineered shock and awe invasions that leave former allies hiding in caves,
If suspects were physically and psychologically tortured,
Told that if they don't convince us that we are safe,
Their wives, and mothers, and daughters get raped.
If after mass shootings took hundreds of innocents
The banning of assault rifles still didn't make any sense,
If the poor and homeless were shunned and the rich built fences,
If militant business negotiating made those affected inappropriately intense
And we imagine ourselves liberators instead of invaders,
If we sold weapons to our past, present, and future threats,
Raised the economy high above the environment
When going in debt was the only way we could pay rent,
We were called freeloaders because we didn't like the way our money was spent.
Could we unite nonviolently to advance political revolution?
Forgive and speak peacefully while still demanding retribution?
Speak up? Speak out? Rise together after finding some solutions?
Really look reality straight in the eyes?
Leave the table with mutually agreeable compromise,
Knowing for sure change can be realized,
Like a digital age upgrade of our operating system,
Where we love our enemies and carefully listen?
Maybe the weak become leaders instead of just victims.
Heaven as a democracy arrives here on earth.
Everyone treated like the God they're worth.
No Kings and no crowns just one big expanding
multipurpose multifunction Universe.
Aware we are free,
And that WE the collective has always been ME.

By Deven A, Kennedy, and Ron Kennedy

Sunday, May 22, 2016


I love when you call me Dad
It feels like I'm a King
I wish we'd have had more time
I'm sorry for all the birthdays I missed
I'm sorry for all the hurts 
I couldn't heal with a hug

I won't make any excuses
Just know I've always hoped you were mine
And that someday we would find each other
I hope we can be close like best friends
Feel my heart and soul
Tolerate if you can't love my mind

You always belong where I am
If that's where you want to be
I hope we get to see
15,000 tomorrows
More joys than sorrows

We can't get the last 23 years back
But we can make the most of 
The rest of our lives
If we can't see eye to eye
If we see the world from opposite ends
Let's not ever let the love get thin

I belong to you and to Deven
I'm already a better man since we met
Please remember sometimes people 
Aren't what we'd hoped
But sometimes who they are
turns out to be beautiful.

I'm proud, honored, and overjoyed
To be your father
I want to celebrate your wins
And coach you through your losses
I can teach you so much
That I've learned from my mistakes
If you need a rock I'm here
If you need a hand I'm here
If you need to talk I'd love to listen
I feel so grateful
To have you in my life
Welcome to my world
I love you Joseph

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Medical Mary Jane

Sometimes he's like a cat
laying close but aloof
Waiting for unrequested touch
She's attached to his unrequited love

Some moments seem
so close to breakthroughs
or maybe they get high enough
to see over dividing walls
He's a vertigo rebel
She's without a flaw
Or at least not many

He analyzes
She sees misogyny
And power plays
It's ego if anything
He doesn't want to be too eager
So excited to see her
He almost wets the rug

She is an intelligent drug
He is daring, nerve, and audacity
She has the capacity
To embrace or reject
He remembers how much it hurts
And what it's worth
Cautious but not risk averse

Near to her just feels right
He wishes with all his might
Visualizes with all his mind
Confused sometimes by her traffic signs
He'll be fine
No matter the destination
He offers himself without expectation
To the someone right he thinks he sees
She eases pain
Medical Mary Jane
He is someone she can take or leave
Or take and leave
That's how she said it
And how he believes

Theron Kennedy 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

If It's Any Constellation

I wish you'd paint the ceiling
Of my Sistine chapel
Then lay under those stars with me
Tangled up in Quantum Physics
Talking of Mullahs, Monks, Mystics
And Sufi Poetry
On windowed souls glowingly, knowingly
Intentionally being what we want to become
I hear a drum
Some horns and strings
Immortals singing of metaphysical things
Too many for them all to come true
Auras and chakras like
Northern lights
Southern crosses
Pebbles with causes
Rippling lakes, rivers, oceans
The moon regulates
Quixotic states
Dancing wicks
on candlesticks
of eternal flames
Rare as Haley's comet
Like Peter Parker and Mary Jane
Smooth beautiful change
In physical reality
For as long as you want me

Ron Kennedy 2o16