Saturday, December 5, 2015

From The Bottom Of My Soul

Why do the willfully ignorant
And the conscientiously stupid
Speak the loudest and most
Even as more innocents die
And little children cry

Bringing statistics that show
Their misunderstanding of our government
Or maybe just caring more about
Their heritage, their rights
Than about life

It's funny that the same people
Who claim to be pro-life
Are also pro-gun
And pro-death penalty

They remind me of the words
Of one of my favorite teachers
"They worship me with their lips
But their hearts are far from ME."

It's beyond me at this point
I'm sick of hate
I'm sick of unnecessary deaths
I'm sick of guns
I'm sick of false religions
And fake religiosity, hypocrisy

Poverty, ignorance, being without family
Are diseases that we could cure
If our representatives would let us
We need truth and understanding to protect us

We need to rise up
Intellectually, emotionally, 
Politically, scientifically
Are you with me
Are we with each other
Violence begets violence
Death is never singular
If you love life
You know it's worth more
Than your rights