Sunday, November 22, 2015

Approaching Sublime

I turn toward
Serene and pristine bluffs
rhymes in my mind
look for slants

I stand at the edge
And listen to life
Observe the constant movement
I have a need
To know the ledge

There is music
The limbs dance 
With the breeze
Above the trees
The clouds and sun
Paint together

Below frogs and crickets
Deer and birds
Sing their gospel hymns
And play without fear

Apparently fish think nothing of water

Alone and all one
I undress my soul
Of all things that no longer fit

The music has lyrics
It's a simple refrain
If God is infinite
There is nothing
And no one who isn't

Nothing is lost
Or gained
Even the pain
Is God growing

Here she comes
Here I Am
Expanding and contracting

Death feeds a new seed of life
Life and death 
Are husband and wife
I see no space between them

All ledges know
All currents flow
Toward their destination
In due time
They are sublime