Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wondering At Sunset

When poets fly in flocks 
do they fly in formation?
Then after generations 
become a kind of nation.
Would there be bigotry 
for those without acculturation?
Even for the minor poets? 

Could it be sublimated 
or would they battle?
Would there be a grunge scene 
Like in the 90's in Seattle?
Could you trace its roots 
to human gods, 
And their games of thrones?
Would there be rigid rules? 
Would intellectuals be chiseled, 
or would they be stoned?
Could they emulate Bukowski? 
John Malkovich his head?
Would they prophesy, 
write prayers like Rumi, 
for their daily bread?

Could they write for readers, 
dreamers, believers?
Would they make it most accessible?
Could they become irrepressible?
So jaded and cynical you could show no love.

If you were enthusiastic 
would they treat you like a groupie, 
or a money mark?
If I wanted to swim with those fishes 
would I have to become a shark?
Would they put up velvet ropes, 
choosing only two of each kind, 
A lot like Noah's ark?
Or would we celebrate each other 
like Shakespeare in the park?

Would we just do it like Nike?
Or carefully choose 
what colonizes our psyche?
Would we stay sensitive 
even with our pens?
If we crash and break a wing, 
have the nerve to fly again?

Gain competence and confidence, 
felicity and freedom. 
Get so good we preach.
Would we learn multi- perspectivity 
from all that we teach?
Religiously and scientifically 
become one family.
Exploring all there is, 
was or could be,
With a universal kind of love.

Could we build a safer world, 
full of vibrant colors, 
that embraces my son Deven?
Realizing my Utopian dreams, 
my idea of heaven.
Would my dreaming hypnotize?
It's better than holding hands in hell,
even while unrealized.

Theron Kennedy © 2015