Thursday, April 16, 2015


Noema was phenomenal.
Dasein was everyman.
She was undeniable.
He was unassailable.
And so began their dance.
He was more sentimental.
She was more transcendental.
And they both spoke from their groove.
There was a certain presence in the rhythm.
Like a gift the universe would give them.
If they lived down to themselves.
If they merged, even for a moment, with the tune.
Her first impression of him was that he was a beast.
His of her was that she was a beauty.
She didn't see him coming or how he came.
She couldn't foresee where they might go together.
He was aware of how he was perceived.
He still wanted to know her better.
Both were transformed by the chemical romance.
She loved music.
So he took classes.
Her look was classic.
He wore glasses.
She could see herself in them.
There were patterns.
There were puzzles.
There was comfort.
There were snuggles.
There was pain.
There was rain.
There was relief.
There were rainbows.
There were months.
There were seasons.
There were choices.
There were reasons.
No alibis.
No need to believe them.
There was love.
There was freedom.
There was life.
There was death.
To see them was to be them.
And to know yourself.