Friday, April 3, 2015

Finding Felicity

Some people would kill
For their right to own an AK47
I would die to myself
For Accurate Knowledge 24/7

When Felicity speaks
I want to penetrate her metaphors
Be the storm she seeks
An intensity she's been wanting more

Than cultural similes
And social conditioning
That won't set her free
To bring

To experience her own virgin birth
What harm could ever come
From awakening love everywhere on earth
Let me beat that drum

If she will let me inside hermeneutics
I do not intend to make her mine
I've already been through it
I just want to know her mind

Her naked soul, her heart
Maybe introduce her to them
Consent and consensus are an art
She speaks of seraphim and cherubim

With her primal urges
If I need her it starts to taunt me
I want her to feel that surge
Of owning herself and in that state to want me

Theron Kennedy ©  2015