Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Same Note Different Instrument

Jesus heart
Buddha mind
Gypsy Soul

Sometimes I give and take credit
Where it's not yet due
I never meant to

Cause you any sorrow
Even if I had to
Beg, steal, or borrow

I only wanted to
Have communion
with your pilgrim soul

Thinking it's music
Might help calm
The savage beast in me

There was never any expectation
That you would feel required
To live in a house my words built

I just wanted to be
A little less ignorant
And a little more innocent

I wanted you to know
That you are welcome
Wherever you may roam

Not like a guest
Visiting for a courtiers purposes
I wanted you to feel at home

Like a prodigy
I hoped you'd see
A true King awakens his Queen

With a third eye kiss
And sometimes it's
On his brow with her lips