Friday, March 20, 2015

I did it all for The Words

You don't find a telltale heart sexy?
One villainess' madness
Is another perspective's complexity
Lust for life 
How he bleeds after
Tasting the rainbow
I know toxic
But that's not why
I glow

I glow
Because I know
There is never any moment
Without death
There is never any moment
Without life
Without tears
Without smiles

Stay awhile
You'll see that my organs
Are painted every shade
You might say stained
He might say caged
She might say aged
Like cheap wine
But even arsenic
Has its benefits
Its contrast
I know you know
How more shades
Make a more complex Peace
At the end of your piece.

If you think letting go
Is easier it's only because
You haven't given all to love yet
Then dipped your pen 
In every moment of regret
Every moment of Joy
I'd rather leave my lowlight in
Keep my highlights in context
If life is a university
Then I'm a professor
I'd rather be an awakener
Than a possessor
Let's cry together
But not just that
Become aware of all at once
And not just what one thinks
They might be
 If they were me

Theron Kennedy © 2015