Sunday, March 29, 2015


That which we know
We first learned to see
With our own eyes
Our own minds
Our own hearts
But that which we know
Existed before we 
It knew what it was
Before we learned to be it
Like a seed that fell
A few years before me

It's not its share of the sunshine
Or its broader perspective
I'm happy to learn
Happy to wait my turn
What offends
Are the expectations
Of automatically permanent station
And me to pretend
To stay in my infancy
While all along ignoring
Lack of historical perspective
Delusions of supremacy
When I am an overcomer
And shade is only good in summer

Theron Kennedy © 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Same Note Different Instrument

Jesus heart
Buddha mind
Gypsy Soul

Sometimes I give and take credit
Where it's not yet due
I never meant to

Cause you any sorrow
Even if I had to
Beg, steal, or borrow

I only wanted to
Have communion
with your pilgrim soul

Thinking it's music
Might help calm
The savage beast in me

There was never any expectation
That you would feel required
To live in a house my words built

I just wanted to be
A little less ignorant
And a little more innocent

I wanted you to know
That you are welcome
Wherever you may roam

Not like a guest
Visiting for a courtiers purposes
I wanted you to feel at home

Like a prodigy
I hoped you'd see
A true King awakens his Queen

With a third eye kiss
And sometimes it's
On his brow with her lips

Friday, March 20, 2015

I did it all for The Words

You don't find a telltale heart sexy?
One villainess' madness
Is another perspective's complexity
Lust for life 
How he bleeds after
Tasting the rainbow
I know toxic
But that's not why
I glow

I glow
Because I know
There is never any moment
Without death
There is never any moment
Without life
Without tears
Without smiles

Stay awhile
You'll see that my organs
Are painted every shade
You might say stained
He might say caged
She might say aged
Like cheap wine
But even arsenic
Has its benefits
Its contrast
I know you know
How more shades
Make a more complex Peace
At the end of your piece.

If you think letting go
Is easier it's only because
You haven't given all to love yet
Then dipped your pen 
In every moment of regret
Every moment of Joy
I'd rather leave my lowlight in
Keep my highlights in context
If life is a university
Then I'm a professor
I'd rather be an awakener
Than a possessor
Let's cry together
But not just that
Become aware of all at once
And not just what one thinks
They might be
 If they were me

Theron Kennedy © 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

fresh salted wounds and cherry wine

Busy minds
You're one of my kind
How do you negotiate
Your way through a world
Where many would rather
Kill than vote
Rather dominate
Than negotiate
Rather force retreat
Than compete
I'd love to hear your thoughts
Pass the salt
Pour me a glass of cherry wine
I'm a zombie
Waiting for you
To feed me your mind

Theron Kennedy  © 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you seek me

Forgive my
Samples if you will
That allude
To my illusions but
Let's have a date
At a funeral
Cry tears of loss
And Compassion
Come home
Make life to each other
In any masks
That you please
You don't have to do
Anything you don't want to do
But you can do
Anything you want to do
It's funny
Seems like
I've loved you
like you love Ben
For a thousand years
Next to yours
I have the best lips
It's spring
Let me kiss your rose hips
If Vincent had loved you
He would have heard
The Ocean in his soul
Could we read each other
Like braille
And write Lady Chatterley's Lover
And D.H. Lawrence's Biography
Until it gets so true
We need a secret
Sound proof room
With a moon roof
So that star gazing
Adds to the after-affect
This is how real people do
They visualize
They build bridges across forever
Meet each other halfway across the sky
They always choose love one more time
Every time
Those who awaken do
You could leave
But I also know that now is eternal
First let's explore
As many other scenarios
As write poetry
And prose
If you do go
I will love to see you happy
Whoever you love
And if the souls
Of my ancestors
Suffer inside me
Because I broke
Their traditions
That wasn't my intention
Let their tears
Smear the words
But soothe my dry eyes
As I resurrect us
In the minds of the masses
I hear cicadas
Write to your circadian rhythms
Play your body
Like piano keys
So sweetly
That we know god
In each other
Yes, Yes, Yes,
I doubt you heard this about me
But I give all to love
Friends, kindred
Nothing I refuse
Even if I lose
It's how I can look less than
And still be in your fantasy
That becomes reality
You move my pen
Like you love Ben
So I ask you
Would you rather
Love like that
And be loved like that
Take a chance
That seed could become
A grove of Aspen trees
Filled with brightly colored birds
And Bees
Let my lips taste
Like your honey
My heart read
Like your calligraphy
Stitch ourselves
Into eternity
Beside me.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Someone You

You are the fragrance
of my words
on so many days
You are wishes
You are dreams
You are anticipated fears
And rejections
And a Universe of possibilities
If I wished upon you only
Would you grant it
And if you did
Could we birth
That fulfilled wish
In physical reality
Can you consciously choose
Who you twinkle down on
Or would your childhood friends
Songs of caution
Become the choir of your mind
Every day I fall in love
With some new form
Some new function of the Universe
Some new atom of Adam
Do you assume because
All the world is a stage
That I'm just a common player
Do you not see
That this is my religion
This is how I worship
This is my relationship
With any God I can perceive
How could I do any less
Than try to treat
Every man
Every woman
Every wave
Like she is the ocean
I do this in remembrance
Of all of our roots
And I know that you
May find this hard to believe
I have no will
No intent to deceive
Honestly, I feel like I'm learning to walk
Learning to talk
A universal Language
And if I could
If you would
And we had means
I would write these words
Down in our notebook
With you
Add a soundtrack
Always have your back
But this feels a bit
Like a glass lake house
I can see you
You can see me
But we can't seem
To build in spacetime reality
If I could I would love you like breathing
Be that environment in which you thrive
While still loving myself enough
To stay alive if you leave
If your heart moved on
To the next Benedict Cumberbatch
Or the next Harry Styles
Or the next Pharrell
Or the next Drummer
That comes down the block
In some moment where we've grown apart
Where our art became a distraction
From us or we found ourselves
In different years again
I see where I've been
And where I am
You see where you've been
And where you haven't
We perceive each other
Through different lenses
But I wish you could see
That I couldn't be your Noah
And you can't be my Allison
I can't be any other man
You can't be any other woman
You can be you
I can be me
We could learn and grow together
Becoming we

Is that journey your wish
If we could
Make that happen
Could you take that risk
Do you really want all my attention
Could you handle my Oneness
If I told you that
Guys like me appreciate you more
Than guys like them
I'm not saying they can't love one woman well
But they can't love all women well
I'm saying that I could love you
Like none other
But there would always be
My spiritual ecstasy
My Universal love
My need for people
And experiences
That move my pen
Could you love me
And let me love you
Even when life has monotonous moments
Without punchlines
When we just peel potatoes
And sip our tea
Your Avatar
With my Avatar
Your heart
With my heart
Your mind
With my mind
Realizing together
That the inner
And the outer
Are really one thing
And that the most
We can really do for each other
Is cultivate each other's bliss
If I narrowed my focus
Would you be burned by
The flames of my attentiveness
Or thrive and bloom
With that Sanctuary
With plenty of room
To spread your wings
And fly
Rest on my arms at night
Unless there comes a day
When you no longer like
Or you believe that I
Have broken some rule
Written by men
If you go
Would you come back again
I'd take that chance 
With knowledge
Of all that could go wrong
And all that could go right
Do you really want to
Illustrate the stories I write
Do you have time and interest
Tell me what's true
What if I said
I want my only someone
To be you 

Theron Kennedy © 2015