Saturday, February 21, 2015

Deadheading Lily

I'm learning not to hold anything
I'm too busy to deal with later
When you deadhead
You don't have to be that strict
Especially in winter
Everything is giving life
Let the seed pods fall where they may
I don't even take away
The brown and decay
I never really prune or sculpt

When Lily makes me bleed
I need to feel it on my lips
Print it on letters
Put on my thickest sweater
Use it to make my memory better
Some days I can't stand this weather
But this greenhouse
Lifts my blues
I don't want to ask my friends
If they've heard anything new

Theron Kennedy © 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015


It's funny how life turns
From one moment to the next
I could feel her coming out
Of her clothes
As the conversation
Got more complex
I tried not to be too cerebral
But I could see
There were lessons in this
It was natural
It flowed freely
Toward passionate kiss
I helped her express herself
I helped her be free
I let her give herself reasons
To give herself to me
No hesitation
No reason to resist
She wanted
We wanted
We needed this
There was release
There was revenge
There were flames that singed
Colors that tinged
But mostly there was freedom
An acceptance of reality
An emotional connection
A physicality
I could feel what she felt
See what she saw
Candles melted
Ice thawed
My lips and tongue 
Felt her throb
Her hunger
Her heartbeat
Me in her
And her in me
There was symphony
Poor street poets wrote
Stays of execution
A Victor Hugo written
Love note
It was gothic
In its architecture
A governess in her prefecture
Poe in his madness
A baptism of bliss
And a pious sadness
A crescendo
Spiritual laughter
Pure oxygen
Combinatorial rapture

Ice Storms and Studies of Form

She had this way of
Getting up and walking away
Without saying a word
Like after the conversation was
No longer about her
She forgot you were there

When she was talking about anything
That interested her 
She would light up
Her eyes would smile
Her lips would make you
Forget what she was saying

She painted realities on canvas
And seemed enamored by the approbation
But once in a while she had this way
Of wandering around inside your heart
Inside your mind and
Knocking over everything fragile

And it hurt
And I couldn't get enough
And I dreamed too much
And it made me stronger
And I wonder what she's doing now

Theron Kennedy © 2015