Saturday, September 20, 2014


He had a moment of clarity
of a single moment
but not of how
it came about
or of where it lead

But there was bliss
in knowing
feeling known

She said
"I'm only happy about it when it's you."

He knew
what she was trying to say
sat with that for a moment
then as usual
allowed his mind
to revolve around the thought
entertain all the interpretations
loved the moment of knowing
and the poetry of the uncertainty

She seemed easily spooked
And sad
When her traumas
Became fresh fears
Of new moments

She still felt familiar
Like a moment
You repeated
in your mind
across a lifetime

He was awkward
It got strange
She got close
Then distant
He knew
There was so much
He didn't know

He wanted to choose each word
Deliver it eloquently
Like laying a brick perfectly
In a house
you want your great grandchildren
To laugh in

But there was nothing perfect in him
When measured with precision
Just creatively replaced
Fragments and divisions
Pieces of a puzzle

He tried hard to see the picture
Some days it faded like the sun
Then he reminisced
And dreamed
of clarity.