Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In The Eyes of a Hurricane

I've negotiated with terrorists
Made deals with devils
to save me from situations
we got me in

Love is sometimes messy
growing is often painful
Decay is making way
For higher life

Life goes without stopping
unfazed by the dropping
of the things we thought vital
waves whether ripples or tidal

Passions unbridled
lusts no longer stifled
in the eye of it all
We freeze and we thaw

hurting and healing so blissfully
you and me conducting a symphony
fully absorbed in our higher self
stacked alphabetically on a bookshelf

#RIP Captain

"We were like the morning dewhe comes in like a hurricane" ~ David Letterman

Words by Theron Kennedy. First 6 photos by Diana Matisz. Last one from Dead Poets Society.