Friday, June 6, 2014

Lingering While Crossing At Fords

When she walks on the shore
She fantasizes about the freedom
Of life as a river

When she is swept away
She shows no visible signs of fear
But something of the familiar
Always calls her back

She doesn't realize
What she sees with her eyes
is more real to her
Maybe even more important
Than the reality that awaits downstream

It doesn't stay where it is either
It is always moving out toward
It's own oceans while missing her merger
The distractions occupy her mind so well
She has no idea that what she really wants is drifting away

She is intimate with everything
Except herself
She is a follower princess
With Goddess Queen imprisoned behind
The bars of her duality

It isn't and it won't be
Until she approaches life integratedly
She's bored with her limited understanding of Self
And dresses herself in the limited understanding of others

She is duty, responsibility, and merit
She doesn't realize she dangles her own carrots
Maybe she likes it that way
Searching for her fantasy of Christian Grey
Approaching but never quite reaching
But I'm grateful for all she is teaching