Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ghosts of Sand Castles Past

We don't look alike
but it feels like
we can fit together

I've never been
sure of much
certain of uncertainty

I always try to make
homes with humans
I've had more sleepovers
than years of life

If I call you
Leslie, Abby, Allison
It doesn't mean
I've forgotten your name

It's just that like them
you talk of me leaving
as you walk away

I never wanted to leave
I just saw your discontent
your restless heart
your fickle identity

You were always tired
now you came round again
you feel fresh and new 
but still so much omission

I keep telling myself
what you tell yourself
and waiting for more pieces
because I only have peace
when I'm putting me and you together

You are somedays the ocean
somedays the wave
other days the tide
you splash across my feet
at sunrise on the beach
of your hometown
then you ease back out
and I keep doing
the same thing
I've been doing since
I was built on the coast