Thursday, May 15, 2014

Drive Slowly

Memories and experiences
petition a court of beliefs
with limited times to object
before they are accepted as fact
and given time to collect
hypnotizing witnesses and judges alike
subject to their randomness
and their worldview
somewhat like a life sentence
even in that there is an opportunity
to learn about psychological freedom
to increase understanding of subject
of object
and of where they overlap
in walks a lover so familiar
listening to Teenage Love by Slick Rick
magnificently manifesting
emanating from a compassionate tear
from a seed of empathy
with skills and tools
to build bridges across forever
clever, cunning, and stunning
soul face down without hesitation
worshiping the Goddess in her
treasuring the familiarity of her impermanence
and her eternity
two more eyes toward omniscience
blissful benevolence
swimming in a great sea of mystery
simultaneously dying to myself
and giving birth to me