Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Twilight Blinking

Last night I dreamed
I prayed to poetry gods
and received Bukowski's Blessing
Then I made my case
To my Hip Hop Heroes
and received
Jam Master Jay's Justification
Which for me was
A concrete cosign
But when I woke up
I realized
Not one of them
Ever asked permission
It was time for a decision
A time to reflect on
What I know
My highs and lows
The blow by blows
of my introspective documentary
I let myself become a customer
So much a consumer
That I'm my own worst critic
Editing myself into silence
Seeing how I can't write
What I love to read
I feel fragmented
like a hobo
in a gutter so familiar
it breeds contempt
counting falling stars
while still hoping
for my own Twinkle
from the heavens
Then I hear my boy
Playing Breakin Dawn
And a voice in my head says
"Stand Up and Stay Up."