Sunday, March 30, 2014

Have You Heard The Sunrise

There is something about
The air supply
Something about how
Georgia pines
Blends with memories
I'm not Jack
I don't know
Any french girls
Even if I were
Leonardo's Romeo
These days
Outside your moonlit balcony
Fear casts a stalkers shadow
Some days I'm an Atom of God
Some days I just feel odd
Shrek the poet
Who wrote marriages
Made love with two other bodies
Words I wrote stirred passions
Caused world travel
Picasso writing
Romance novels
Caused squabbles in 
Taken for granted
I solve universal mysteries
But I'm not Sherlock Holmes
I have more sensitivity
Than sense and sensibility
Sometimes my poems
Are all about me
Other times divinity
Each day is a workshop
The creator instructs
Some days add
Some days deduct
Every one a collaboration
A sunrise
A sunset
Your right eye
Your left eye
Your existence
Makes me love mine more
The Universal Artists showcase
If I compare you to a peach
If I compare you to a flower
That is only to mortalize you
To believe you are seasonal
Never that
You are God grateful
Dancing in the spring time sunlight
After a long winter
You are an artist
In love with her song
Life become vulnerable
To feel everything intensely
To feel alive
If I am them
Something they are doing
My soul falls face down
In the ecstasy
Caused by feeling you
I've seen Universes
Come and go
So I know that you
Can't count on me
To conform to your expectations
I wouldn't dare expect you
To conform to mine
I just want to laugh
Watching you play
Like a child called Lila
Giving life like Gaia
Your humanity
Your divinity
A treasured eternal now
My heart raised to the sky
A primitive drum
Inviting life in all its forms
To the dance of love