Sunday, March 30, 2014

Have You Heard The Sunrise

There is something about
The air supply
Something about how
Georgia pines
Blends with memories
I'm not Jack
I don't know
Any french girls
Even if I were
Leonardo's Romeo
These days
Outside your moonlit balcony
Fear casts a stalkers shadow
Some days I'm an Atom of God
Some days I just feel odd
Shrek the poet
Who wrote marriages
Made love with two other bodies
Words I wrote stirred passions
Caused world travel
Picasso writing
Romance novels
Caused squabbles in 
Taken for granted
I solve universal mysteries
But I'm not Sherlock Holmes
I have more sensitivity
Than sense and sensibility
Sometimes my poems
Are all about me
Other times divinity
Each day is a workshop
The creator instructs
Some days add
Some days deduct
Every one a collaboration
A sunrise
A sunset
Your right eye
Your left eye
Your existence
Makes me love mine more
The Universal Artists showcase
If I compare you to a peach
If I compare you to a flower
That is only to mortalize you
To believe you are seasonal
Never that
You are God grateful
Dancing in the spring time sunlight
After a long winter
You are an artist
In love with her song
Life become vulnerable
To feel everything intensely
To feel alive
If I am them
Something they are doing
My soul falls face down
In the ecstasy
Caused by feeling you
I've seen Universes
Come and go
So I know that you
Can't count on me
To conform to your expectations
I wouldn't dare expect you
To conform to mine
I just want to laugh
Watching you play
Like a child called Lila
Giving life like Gaia
Your humanity
Your divinity
A treasured eternal now
My heart raised to the sky
A primitive drum
Inviting life in all its forms
To the dance of love

Sunday, March 23, 2014


She looked like harmony
Riding a dark horse
Through a perfect storm
Coming from a conservative family

He was seeking balance
And knew something about dark horses
His own perfect storms
Had blown his apple far from the family tree

They fit together
Like those important pieces
That bring clarity
And higher definition to the picture

She had an air of Scarlet O'Hara
He gave her begonias
Sang Love Me Tender
Through any windows she stared out

They counted on nothing
Made no plans
Only kissed as much as they could
They shared many moments

Treasurers not owners
Found rhythm and resonance
No promises just freedom to be themselves
And they lived happily

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ode To Oneness (A Humanifesto)

We didn't divorce
Not because of irreconcilable differences
Or double standards
It wasn't the bait and switch
or the 7 year itch
Truth is I was never married to it
I was born it's property
Subject to it's favoritism
And it's prejudices
I was for this life
You were for that life
I was never married to it
I was randomly given a size
And it never did fit
It worked better
By comparison
But only for a few
Whether you believe it or not
They don't love me
Anymore than they love you
They don't seem to love themselves
Or even their own children
They perfected their own survival
And see that the crumbs
That fell from that table
Led to more than we had before
And so believe themselves benefactors
They don't understand it
From where we sit
They've never seen it from here
Nor felt it from the hearts
of those whose resources were tapped
I think they can't imagine
How The Brand Freedom
Became a monkey trap
I can't imagine someone
Somewhere plotting evil
Believing there would be no consequences
That might explain the paranoia
But it doesn't explain their dehumanization
I am not, have not, and will not be married to capitalism
But I am absolutely of 
By And for a people
with educated hearts
And minds
And I stand ready
To participate
A better place
A better way
A civil collective
A man in the mirror reflective
I pledge allegiance
To Gaia Earth
Father Universe
And all their children

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Twilight Blinking

Last night I dreamed
I prayed to poetry gods
and received Bukowski's Blessing
Then I made my case
To my Hip Hop Heroes
and received
Jam Master Jay's Justification
Which for me was
A concrete cosign
But when I woke up
I realized
Not one of them
Ever asked permission
It was time for a decision
A time to reflect on
What I know
My highs and lows
The blow by blows
of my introspective documentary
I let myself become a customer
So much a consumer
That I'm my own worst critic
Editing myself into silence
Seeing how I can't write
What I love to read
I feel fragmented
like a hobo
in a gutter so familiar
it breeds contempt
counting falling stars
while still hoping
for my own Twinkle
from the heavens
Then I hear my boy
Playing Breakin Dawn
And a voice in my head says
"Stand Up and Stay Up."