Friday, February 14, 2014


You know I really love you.
The way you get excited when we talk.
I want that to last so long.
I would so love to see that in your eyes on the day I die.
The world is getting smaller and everyone is getting closer.
There are infinitely more choices in our daily life.
I want to be worthy of your choice.
I want to attract your heart, mind, and body.
I want to lay a foundation of love with you.
A foundation so strong we can build a Universe on it.
You like a Goddess and me like a God.
I hope our Universe would be filled with love.
I hope our Universe would be filled with peace.
I hope it would radiate love to all life.
I hope there would be happy children, happy adults, happy elders.
I wish I could feel your fingers between mine right now.
How they slide between.
How they fit.
How they feel against mine.
Maybe I could hold them even when we sleep.
Feel your hair in my face.
Your back against my chest.
Maybe I could feel your happiness.
We could heal each other.
Thrive together.
We would sleep so close that we wake up and never feel without each other.
We would flourish.
And our love would nourish everything it touches.
Our pains and pleasures would write each other.
Move closer to each other.
Our family would grow.
I think the Universe would expand.
The stars would shine brighter.
The moon would rarely be blue.
You would understand me and I would understand you.
Come away with me and build this Universe.