Friday, January 10, 2014

Lifelong Learner

I live in a time
when even the most heinous crimes
can be forgiven
and learned from
and compassion
the drums
of musical physicians
 even the oldest traditions
can be rewritten
if in error
I live in an era
with people brave enough to love
who seek the wisdom
of the within, the without
the below and the above
I believe that
God is Love
and that love is Universal
today is a play
tonight is a dress rehearsal
for the next one
I am my father
and my son
We play every role
in the valley of the gun
when I greet you
I wish me well
intend that love
is what is felt
that any psychological traumas
and tragedies 
micro and macro
can be lessened
quenched by my thirst for knowledge
love is my college
You are my university
Be a life long learner with me.