Saturday, September 20, 2014


He had a moment of clarity
of a single moment
but not of how
it came about
or of where it lead

But there was bliss
in knowing
feeling known

She said
"I'm only happy about it when it's you."

He knew
what she was trying to say
sat with that for a moment
then as usual
allowed his mind
to revolve around the thought
entertain all the interpretations
loved the moment of knowing
and the poetry of the uncertainty

She seemed easily spooked
And sad
When her traumas
Became fresh fears
Of new moments

She still felt familiar
Like a moment
You repeated
in your mind
across a lifetime

He was awkward
It got strange
She got close
Then distant
He knew
There was so much
He didn't know

He wanted to choose each word
Deliver it eloquently
Like laying a brick perfectly
In a house
you want your great grandchildren
To laugh in

But there was nothing perfect in him
When measured with precision
Just creatively replaced
Fragments and divisions
Pieces of a puzzle

He tried hard to see the picture
Some days it faded like the sun
Then he reminisced
And dreamed
of clarity.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In The Eyes of a Hurricane

I've negotiated with terrorists
Made deals with devils
to save me from situations
we got me in

Love is sometimes messy
growing is often painful
Decay is making way
For higher life

Life goes without stopping
unfazed by the dropping
of the things we thought vital
waves whether ripples or tidal

Passions unbridled
lusts no longer stifled
in the eye of it all
We freeze and we thaw

hurting and healing so blissfully
you and me conducting a symphony
fully absorbed in our higher self
stacked alphabetically on a bookshelf

#RIP Captain

"We were like the morning dewhe comes in like a hurricane" ~ David Letterman

Words by Theron Kennedy. First 6 photos by Diana Matisz. Last one from Dead Poets Society.

Friday, June 13, 2014

How You And I Became We

I saw you walking
by Donald Hall
Carrying Bill Murray's golf shoes
You bought on Ebay
I remembered how you
Used to sing Royals
Drunk on Bud Light with lime
You loved the attention
The crowd really responded to you
You talked of past lives and gurus
I could tell how you worshipped him
And his Crazy Wisdom
You were materialistic
Even spiritually
And I never felt good enough
But I kept on
And tried to keep up
I'm a lover
And you seemed to like
MMA fighters
Bipolar RnB singers
And running
While a brisk walk
Was like mountain climbing for me
And my rhymes were brilliant
If it were 1980
I sang you oldies
And breakup songs
And promised to always remind you
Asked Where you'd been
Whenever I couldn't find you
Walked intentionally beside you
Never in front of or behind you
I was determined to help you manifest
Your inner Goddess
I named our children in my dreams
Our rainbow tribe football team
We were architects of container houses
I teased you for wearing matching blouses
With your BFF
Asked you to Save The Last Dance for me
Or even just room and let you be free
We joked about almost kissing
Like the couples on the covers
Of Nicholas Sparks novels
I wanted you badly
But tried not to grovel
Pretended to keep it gangsta
But I knew that I was
Hopelessly devoted to you
I wanted to memorize you
Chapter and verse
Quote you like a sonnet
I watched you like a stalker
So I could accidentally run into you
I imagined spells
Listened to all the stories you had to tell
I made you love me
And hoped it would last forever

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lingering While Crossing At Fords

When she walks on the shore
She fantasizes about the freedom
Of life as a river

When she is swept away
She shows no visible signs of fear
But something of the familiar
Always calls her back

She doesn't realize
What she sees with her eyes
is more real to her
Maybe even more important
Than the reality that awaits downstream

It doesn't stay where it is either
It is always moving out toward
It's own oceans while missing her merger
The distractions occupy her mind so well
She has no idea that what she really wants is drifting away

She is intimate with everything
Except herself
She is a follower princess
With Goddess Queen imprisoned behind
The bars of her duality

It isn't and it won't be
Until she approaches life integratedly
She's bored with her limited understanding of Self
And dresses herself in the limited understanding of others

She is duty, responsibility, and merit
She doesn't realize she dangles her own carrots
Maybe she likes it that way
Searching for her fantasy of Christian Grey
Approaching but never quite reaching
But I'm grateful for all she is teaching

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Drive Slowly

Memories and experiences
petition a court of beliefs
with limited times to object
before they are accepted as fact
and given time to collect
hypnotizing witnesses and judges alike
subject to their randomness
and their worldview
somewhat like a life sentence
even in that there is an opportunity
to learn about psychological freedom
to increase understanding of subject
of object
and of where they overlap
in walks a lover so familiar
listening to Teenage Love by Slick Rick
magnificently manifesting
emanating from a compassionate tear
from a seed of empathy
with skills and tools
to build bridges across forever
clever, cunning, and stunning
soul face down without hesitation
worshiping the Goddess in her
treasuring the familiarity of her impermanence
and her eternity
two more eyes toward omniscience
blissful benevolence
swimming in a great sea of mystery
simultaneously dying to myself
and giving birth to me

Thursday, May 8, 2014


My irregular heart
Beats inside your head
You've been programmed
Conditioned by the dead
The faces that you imitate
Are the abusive creators
Of historical traumas
That created you
And your worldview
I'm poor
And nothing like them
You're rich
And can't buy 
Psychological freedom
To save your life
You don't know me
You only think you do
Gun play is random
Especially in the valley of the gun
And it won't always go 
like you expect it to
I love you
Even if you hate me
And I will never
Let you negate me
By making me like them
Or you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ghosts of Sand Castles Past

We don't look alike
but it feels like
we can fit together

I've never been
sure of much
certain of uncertainty

I always try to make
homes with humans
I've had more sleepovers
than years of life

If I call you
Leslie, Abby, Allison
It doesn't mean
I've forgotten your name

It's just that like them
you talk of me leaving
as you walk away

I never wanted to leave
I just saw your discontent
your restless heart
your fickle identity

You were always tired
now you came round again
you feel fresh and new 
but still so much omission

I keep telling myself
what you tell yourself
and waiting for more pieces
because I only have peace
when I'm putting me and you together

You are somedays the ocean
somedays the wave
other days the tide
you splash across my feet
at sunrise on the beach
of your hometown
then you ease back out
and I keep doing
the same thing
I've been doing since
I was built on the coast


The Artful Dodger

There are no ingenues
only masterpieces
at different stages
of revealing themselves

Painting with the books
on their shelves
the friends that they choose
how they process the weather
the abuse
the pleasure

If they stay inside
when they have no umbrella
or dance in the rain
even if only in
their interpretations of reality

Anyone else's interpretation
some days feels sure
like a blanket
others like a straightjacket
the claim that
who they are individually
is a unique form of insanity

and therefore
feared and misunderstood
but only until self actualization
self acceptance
full bloom
fully individuated Self
something perfect the Universe is doing

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Unfolding Bliss

I want to cry
like a child with nightmares
in the darkest regions of your soul

I want to feel my life
vulnerable in your teeth

In my daydreams
your worst is my
starburst exploding rainbows

I shake

Your heroin
is my heroine

I am a stung
dollar beggin street bum
comfortably numb
from your taste
on my lips and tongue

I don't want to go to rehab

but I will
so I can renaissance
a man again
grow up into you
skilled professional
paying bills 

withdrawal symptoms
keep me limping
but I'm coming round

Getting up from
getting up 
getting out
and getting some
your heart beat
my bass drum
I walk the line
becoming something
you can thrive with
ride until you die with
Eye recognize Bliss
wake me up with your kiss.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dear Sarah Palin

You don't speak for me
I wanted to say so emphatically
I reject your words
Your worldview
Your fearmongering
And your ideology

Your religious extremism
must be addressed
my opposition
must be confessed
You and those like you exploit the dead
to put more fear in uninformed heads

Your perspective is disgusting
Your Tea Party I'm interrupting
I'm sick of your political games
Not in my name
Not in my son's name
and definitely not in Jesus name

Monday, April 21, 2014

imperfect imperfection

as a writer
and a man
I seek
a true expression
of pain
and pleasure
that heals
when it hurts
to say words
never hurt
is to say
they never mean
anything at all
if you measure me
by the standards
of the day
I'm neither
a writer
nor a man
has ever been
only the right
in only
the right order
for me in
only the right words
in only the right order
passion is absent
I am absent
I am still more
broken places
and imperfections
even the needle
that stitches
my good intentions
on a scratched record
and skips
like a broken metaphor

Curtain Call

He was grateful
that she
buried her memory
in his
traumatic dates
Because he knew
she had played
every role
especially the villains
oh so well
her worst tantrums
played so well
on paper
on stage
on screen
it's clear now
she's really gone
he wonders
if she were
completely gone
from his
heart and mind
if it would be
the end
of the ink
in his pen

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ruthlessly Yours

Let me land on your shoulder
or sit at your feet
fly on our wind
You are my heartbeat

Save me room
between the lines that you read
let the night last forever
heaven in my arms as you sleep

I'm fearless, shameless
mindfully frameless
our love is right
even if it's not painless

Even the ache is better
even the stormy weather
Nothing has to be perfect
Even your demons are worthy

Concerto for my consort
Paradise restore
rise with me peacefully
no envy or jealousy

I am devoted so helplessly
surrendering breathlessly
to this love
deliverer rescue me

our courtship eternally
evolving omnipotentally
I need you now here with me
mother of buddhas give birth to new universes with me

you are the chords of my heart strings
I've searched milleniums
for the eyes like a flash of lightning
of the lotus of a billion springs

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Have You Heard The Sunrise

There is something about
The air supply
Something about how
Georgia pines
Blends with memories
I'm not Jack
I don't know
Any french girls
Even if I were
Leonardo's Romeo
These days
Outside your moonlit balcony
Fear casts a stalkers shadow
Some days I'm an Atom of God
Some days I just feel odd
Shrek the poet
Who wrote marriages
Made love with two other bodies
Words I wrote stirred passions
Caused world travel
Picasso writing
Romance novels
Caused squabbles in 
Taken for granted
I solve universal mysteries
But I'm not Sherlock Holmes
I have more sensitivity
Than sense and sensibility
Sometimes my poems
Are all about me
Other times divinity
Each day is a workshop
The creator instructs
Some days add
Some days deduct
Every one a collaboration
A sunrise
A sunset
Your right eye
Your left eye
Your existence
Makes me love mine more
The Universal Artists showcase
If I compare you to a peach
If I compare you to a flower
That is only to mortalize you
To believe you are seasonal
Never that
You are God grateful
Dancing in the spring time sunlight
After a long winter
You are an artist
In love with her song
Life become vulnerable
To feel everything intensely
To feel alive
If I am them
Something they are doing
My soul falls face down
In the ecstasy
Caused by feeling you
I've seen Universes
Come and go
So I know that you
Can't count on me
To conform to your expectations
I wouldn't dare expect you
To conform to mine
I just want to laugh
Watching you play
Like a child called Lila
Giving life like Gaia
Your humanity
Your divinity
A treasured eternal now
My heart raised to the sky
A primitive drum
Inviting life in all its forms
To the dance of love