Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Of Hellos Goodbyes and Passersby

Straight lines 
are invented by men
I could explain myself 
but where do I begin
Sometimes winds blow 
and get me danglin and twistin

Holdin on for dear life
Lettin go of my faith 
in stress and strife
Somedays even breathin takes effort
Money Mike once said 
I'm book smart but not street clever

When a woman says forever 
I usually say forever ever?
because I think I understand 
what it is to be outkast
Still I try my best 
to outlast realistic expectations
Seeking oneness, expansion, freedom 
in permanent locations
The Awakened within 
seeking it's mate in you

Learning to move the organism 
with universal math
Truly lovers
bluebirds with defense mechanisms
like Bukowski and Plath
I speak from a place of knowing 
but the most you could do is believe
Unless you've chartered boats 
on waters of your own seas
Please take my hand
guide me 
from philosophy 
back to poetry
try not to forget 
because when I love 
I grow so much 
you may not know it's me.