Friday, November 1, 2013

Apple 3.14

I don't make the words
the words don't make me
being a student of all life
hasn't created a fake me
instead its given me more eyes
feathers in wings that fly or die
notes where there were just keys
U where there was just me
light leaning creating colors
between nothing and all
I'm not searching without
knowing what I am
because I know
what I don't know
knowledge is not my pain
it's my paint
that is not a stain
it's symbolism
a collage of energy
thoughts I consciously chose
to program my individualism
words as tools 
to choose between
to express experiences
so fresh and so clean
if I protect my mind
if I guard my heart
my sanctuary
of silence and solitude
becomes a prison of isolation
I do not emulate
or immolate
but if I expect 
never to feel
never to bruise
never to lose
then I choose
never to heal
never to reveal
never to become
a tree with branches
limbs, leaves,and fruit
but stay straight like a pole
that pledges allegiance 
to flags in all earnest
feeding the fires
that will some day burn it
instead I discern it
not swallow whatever
I'm fed by spoon
I learn, I grow, I bloom,
and I earn it.