Wednesday, September 25, 2013

April and Everything After

She speaks like
she learned English
reading poetry
she is still
her father's daughter
but she has
the beginnings of
a personal reality
yet years away 
from mature sexuality
she loves books
intelligent conversations
favorable situations
thinks it blasphemy
to question christianity
is concerned for my soul
questioning her own role
in a tight bud
intense urgency to bloom
spread her wings
make some room
more space
without losing
the pride in
her father's face
or the depths
of her convictions
the security of
her beliefs
no retreat
no surrender
she sees through
thirsty men
she's not a beginner
She's already 25
with a fully developed brain
a small collection
of love's pain
a need to know she's beautiful
laced with a skepticism
of men's intentions
For me she is like
the earliest flowers
in a fresh spring
I've seen scores of them
Only a few 
move my pen
She has a man
so we'll be friends
I'll try my best
to give her water
leave her unpicked
and unpruned
watch her write
her Mays and Junes.
I'm very much a man
but my heart, mind, and pen
have a lust far greater
than my conquistador penis
our shuttles cycle
between Mars and Venus.