Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Diary of Man Frank and Earnest

How is it that we
so easily blind ourselves
to our own holocausts
join together in solidarity
against the terrors
of our ideological opposites
is it thoughtlessness
or mindlessness
why are we blind to this
I am no different
I strain for objective ideals
universal values a salute
to the progress of life itself
yet my wealth
and most my knowledge
are the fruit
of my failed personal relationships
my over and under reactions
create factions and fragments
my lovers lamentations
due to my lack of preparation
my inability to see myself
to maintain my own health
my attempts at being love
have somehow created demons
I know that my actions
and reactions have impact
if only from the pains exactness
yet it's only in knowing
that I begin to taste happiness
to feel a sense of relief
from fact checking my beliefs
on the other side 
of the growing pains
there is peace of mind
an active brain
a refined refrain
an intellectual discipline
a tolerance
an understanding
a loneliness
but not a phonyness
I guess its better
to be outside an establishment
until I understand the problem
well enough to be the solution
between now and then
I am a friend, family
and you will never be my enemy.