Thursday, May 9, 2013

Escape Artist

Peace Please
Let the psychological
warfare cease
I'm a wild beast
God is life
grab the mic
and let the atoms bomb
word to your mom
divine feminine
balance this world
we're living in
I want a friend
a lover
unlike any other
I am a universe starter
authority departer
I have no need for it
I respect no hierarchy
I'm straight with the arc
that sparked me
darkly I facilitate light
love everyone
shine like my son
none my opposite
intelligent my questions
romancing my answers
on the hips of dancers
touch minds that live dreams
thrive alone
we are all one
people with guns kill
without less likely
if you have a debate

invite me
it excites me
I can not lose
choose your best lyricist
not just those who

realize the benefit
if he teaches me I learn
I earn
resilient and self made
raised a slave
but I escape
at all stakes
and costs
I wander in wonder
I was never lost