Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Universes Son

Heaven heal the hearts
of hecklers I've hurt
with nouns and verbs
I hope they can forgive
my scars and flaws
I take pause
before I make a choice
before I use my own voice
even with the best of intentions
pain has been my invention
but Eye
never meant to
cause you any sorrow
only meant to share
and maybe borrow
a little love
a little peace
to see U
free U
and maybe
have a little more Me
I thought
it would make
us all more free
learning love dialogically
forgive me universal family
I only wanted to
get to know you
to live Dr. King's dream
to imagine with John Lennon
to know peace with
the next Jimi Hendrix
and the next Cameron Crowe
and now I know
that we need each other
maybe my son
can cure cancer
for your mother
maybe your sister
can be my forever
let me be her umbrella
her be my halo
love me the way J Lo
once loved Ben
and stay my best friend
become a real family
who can handle the truth
tolerate a sleuth
a seeker
maybe I've become a keeper
maybe seeing me
get up again and again
until I stay up
will help you
and your closest
find your way up.
I believe in us all.
co created by
that yes yes yall
and the ideas
of millions
if I could love
everyone personally
I would
but I can't
so I think maybe
if I can love one
like the earth
is loved by the sun
and the sun
is loved by the earth
then maybe we
can give birth
to verses
and psalms
that make
the restless calm
and warmongers peaceful
welcome to my church
there are no steeples
just people
who are equals.