Thursday, February 28, 2013


There was a desperate need
to taste her hips
For consciousness
to be her scent
Aware going in
grasping too tightly
would puncture
possessing would
be to define
her time and space
attracting even her attention
does not lead to her increase
wraps her in the third dimension
experience her as she is
sense the flow of her intentions
the sexuality of her wholeness
slow dances through seasons
neither choices or reasons
leaves neither added
nor subtracted
understood as she came
she gives thoughtlessly
lays in rhymes
of scientific minds
remains on the vine
to live and die
of her own design
how can the divine
be only mine

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Drawing God With Crayons

Let my speech be right
with a self expression
that penetrates
but does no harm
that is stealth to egos
microscopic verbs
whispers to
screaming souls
undivided twilight prayers
nurture what you need
pull ego like weeds
how can malicious lips reflect
intuitive heart
I accept though
my perfect evolution
the things underground
that caused me to flower
feel showers and sun alike
on the mic
I want to whisper
give sight to the blind
only those who wish to see
introduce I to Me
U to We
all there is
let love be
free to seek its own purposes
who am I to say whats worthless
who am I to judge the darkness
its like the art judging the artist
when the artist doesn't
really judge the art
a spark
a breath
life where there was lifelessness
if it has the thrill to survive
yet the willingness to fade
but aren't we the makers of the made
in the time of our illusion
bridging nothingness through
from confusion
to omnipotence
from one bang
or a cell
depending upon your magnification
to realities infinite
living things are eternity well spent