Saturday, November 3, 2012

Whose Vagina Is It Anyway


She will ride
in a Fast Car
but tonight
my head rests
on her right thigh
delivering my
vagina monologues
I realize

if I wasn't
already in
we wouldn't be
this close

I also know
what it is
when her desire
is as intense
as mine

I could never understand
what creator
with what plan
would ever expect it
to be denied
or rejected

Softly I whisper
my poems to
my newest friend
I'm hoping the
left leg will twitch
by the fourth stanza's end

I sing her songs
right her wrongs
save tonight
make it unforgettable
she might not
stay too long
ice foreplay
coldplay on
there is no need to fix you
remix you if you will
the universe is in you

I wouldn't be so arrogant
never make such a flagrant
attack on creation
I just want to experience
spiritual physical sensations
like sun kil moon
be still and peaceful
like Alesund
on the beach
in the setting sun

She said "shut up
my mellow fellow,
my divine masculine,
you had me at yellow,
shall we begin?"

like she once lost me
Held my head softly
asked for what she read
the rest is left unsaid