Saturday, November 17, 2012

Velvet Roping The Wind


Her fatality
was her faith
that only he
could save her
no matter how
that divided
she felt favored
she felt special
it worked for her but
she couldn't understand
how that exclusivity
was a violence
even that belief
was a violence
to those left outside
to those she told
there was no love but his
to those
who would die
not knowing
he was only an example
a gift to a culture
a gift that had been wrapped
in other packages
that had driven
other vehicles
before and after
many die alone
in confict
from well intentioned
idealistic demanding
belief in opposites
fatalistic philosophies
fantastic metaphors
unpenetrable bubbles
that will hear no derision
if she could
she would be shocked by
what hell she created
with her projections of heaven