Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Something Strange

Aint no eternal sunshine
aint no spotless mind
all these thoughts
race through my daydreams
all these memories
haunt my sleep
even though I've done
all I know to do
to forget
You invite me
then speak of
your unhappiness
you sit on the ground
I kneel before you
you kiss my lips
Heaven and Hell
exist at the same time
in the same space
because I know
this isn't you
this is only me
missing you still
after all this time
even the mention of your name
plays tricks on my brain
reveals the soreness
then the noise of reality
wakes me
leaving behind
the lingering image
of your lips
the shock of them
on mine again
this time I won't mention
I will keep this my secret
it's becoming a sickness