Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Something Strange

Aint no eternal sunshine
aint no spotless mind
all these thoughts
race through my daydreams
all these memories
haunt my sleep
even though I've done
all I know to do
to forget
You invite me
then speak of
your unhappiness
you sit on the ground
I kneel before you
you kiss my lips
Heaven and Hell
exist at the same time
in the same space
because I know
this isn't you
this is only me
missing you still
after all this time
even the mention of your name
plays tricks on my brain
reveals the soreness
then the noise of reality
wakes me
leaving behind
the lingering image
of your lips
the shock of them
on mine again
this time I won't mention
I will keep this my secret
it's becoming a sickness

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sacred Knowledge

I've never cared much
about a woman's
sentence structure
or punctuation
or minded much
if she used lots
of profanity and slang
although I have this thing
for women like
Janeane Garafalo
I've known
many a unique
I once fell in love
with an exotic dancer
I never tried
to romance her
I would have
taken a bullet
to keep her safe
held her tight
if she was lonely
encourage her dreams
now back to Janeanes
Abbys if you will
like the truth about
cats and dogs
those with intellect
a bit nerdy
wordy and self conscious
with a conscience
and a political opinion
but I love all kinds of women
I've just always
had this appreciation
of how they change
my chemical equation
my quantum mechanics
I can truly say I'm a fanatic
at times an addict
most times truly curious
from the poor country girls
project intellectuals
to the ambitious suburbans
that only accept the luxurious
Its a lot like reading a poem
I'm honored that they
let me know them
especially when we make love
after words they or
I like to ramble
I try not to sleep
because I love when
they get so deep
She's an Abby
I used to think Abby
was the nickname I gave an ex
after that was over I realized
it was more complex
Abby was more of an ideal
a thinking man's woman
who understands how I feel
one of those things
that just works
when it comes to sex
they do or they don't
never indecisive
even if its quick
she's never easy
if its intense
its not hard to please me
when I can see
that I please you
maybe it seems
I'm dependent upon
Abby's reaction
I admit
I do get satisfaction
from solving the equation
every one
since the moment I realized
its not what women want
but what that one woman wants
call me what you will
but I'm a student
a lover
of the nature
of lovers
who make discoveries
with or without me
even with the way they
come and go
I still have this insatiable
need to know

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Velvet Roping The Wind


Her fatality
was her faith
that only he
could save her
no matter how
that divided
she felt favored
she felt special
it worked for her but
she couldn't understand
how that exclusivity
was a violence
even that belief
was a violence
to those left outside
to those she told
there was no love but his
to those
who would die
not knowing
he was only an example
a gift to a culture
a gift that had been wrapped
in other packages
that had driven
other vehicles
before and after
many die alone
in confict
from well intentioned
idealistic demanding
belief in opposites
fatalistic philosophies
fantastic metaphors
unpenetrable bubbles
that will hear no derision
if she could
she would be shocked by
what hell she created
with her projections of heaven

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Awakening

Photo credit: Awakening by Michelle Tressa

To know her is like deja vu
discovering for the first time
what I already knew
she is a butterfly
breaking her cocoon
she is a gun fight
at high noon
she is a poet
longing for a muse
a muse adored
by many a recluse
insatiable desire
a sunrise bursting from within
to manifest passions on feverish skin
a Queen cat drawn
to her natural prowl
like fresh from a shower
in nothing but a towel
yet never fully vulnerable
nor overexposed
only trying to become one
with the Goddess within
she instinctively knows

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Whose Vagina Is It Anyway


She will ride
in a Fast Car
but tonight
my head rests
on her right thigh
delivering my
vagina monologues
I realize

if I wasn't
already in
we wouldn't be
this close

I also know
what it is
when her desire
is as intense
as mine

I could never understand
what creator
with what plan
would ever expect it
to be denied
or rejected

Softly I whisper
my poems to
my newest friend
I'm hoping the
left leg will twitch
by the fourth stanza's end

I sing her songs
right her wrongs
save tonight
make it unforgettable
she might not
stay too long
ice foreplay
coldplay on
there is no need to fix you
remix you if you will
the universe is in you

I wouldn't be so arrogant
never make such a flagrant
attack on creation
I just want to experience
spiritual physical sensations
like sun kil moon
be still and peaceful
like Alesund
on the beach
in the setting sun

She said "shut up
my mellow fellow,
my divine masculine,
you had me at yellow,
shall we begin?"

like she once lost me
Held my head softly
asked for what she read
the rest is left unsaid