Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be Blessed

I know you
even how you stand
in a picture
I can tell your
emotion in the moment
I can tell by looking
you feel alone
you feel afraid
even with the good life
I know what they meant
when they said they
felt like they walked
out of heaven
but how can there
still be hell
inside my heaven
why couldn't you
see and feel
why didn't it heal
you like it did me
I try to forget
for you
and for me
but there is always
someone, something
there to remind me
rip off the scabs
remind me of
a missing limb
with stabbing pains
they want
to comfort themselves
with experiments
give me tests to pass

see if you're really in my past
then blame me for my reaction
when its real
losing it doesn't easily heal
we can move on
ignore whats missing
maybe eventually
be fine without it
except for the people
who doubt it
can't stop
talking about it
my wish for you
is all that you dream
a man that makes you beam
who gives you steam
builds your self esteem
strength, wholeness,
every good thing
even a ring
all you need
silence you can breathe
peace inexpressible
blessed are the forgetful

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Longing for Immortality (Vesta Bliss)

My life is a spiral staircase
circling my spine

at only a slight incline
Accidentally activated
an awareness unawaited
I know what it is

but you wouldn't believe me
if I told you

When I look in your eyes
when I see your smile
I long to unfold you
for my soul to have known you
my body to hold you

in Love everything is Ascetic
in fear nothing is
there is nothing impure
in my sexual bliss

In fact its cosmic union
metaphysical communion
how universes are created
how this one was first animated

You could not break your vow with me
I could never be an enemy
I am the promise kept
I am the tears that Joshua wept

I see it as devotion to the source
when I am in that place I am the force
physical acts of worship that God endorsed
but if I lay beside you I will not invite you
I will resist all desire to ignite you
I will respect your truth unless
you reach for me then I will know
we have been blessed