Friday, September 21, 2012

37th Shade of Inksanity

Did you ever try to detox yourself
from a lover who became an addiction
while you weren't fully paying attention

Did you try to say no to them
Asking yourself how did this happen again
How do I repeatedly attract this

Right now my brain is hurting
Hurting from wondering why you can't be found
Why time after time our Fridays go this way
Why it even took more than once for me to realize

Do I have a learning disability
Do I enjoy breaking my heart open
Or do I like to bleed to feed my vampire quill

This must be the definiton of insanity
Torture out a poem like a masochist
allowing myself to be pushed to the breaking point

Only then reaching for the next hand
It is definitely a sickness
I'm completely submissive to a muse