Tuesday, August 14, 2012


both haunt my dreams
Secrets not well hidden
are waterboarding
my inner peace
In my sleep yesterday needs me
Today is conflicted but
goes with her wanting
Yesterday's today has gone home
and says its ok for me to be
there for her while he is gone
or so she says in my dreams
Today's face is in a pillow
looking back at me
with sounds of pleasure
but its not me who pleases
I got 50 woes
nothing I know
can cure them
is an ecosystem
Holograms love me so much
they can't stand
for me to leave them
We wait for each other in silence
speaking only when spoken to
and no one listens to anyone
My mirror reflects nothingness
Everything is nothing
nothing is everything
I'm willing to sacrifice
almost anything
for the only thing
I want

is lost