Thursday, August 2, 2012

7 times in a blue moon

I'm the type of poet
who will risk everything
for the next pleasure
the next muse
I'm a cliche
and so is everyone else
because cliche is
the human condition
I strain
to rise above it
but it feels like
a band
and the further I pull away
the harder it snaps back

Sex is a delicious snack
and if I'm honest
there is no enough
but I know love
is the meal
is my soul's satisfaction
I like Friends With Benefits
but I loved The Notebook

I wonder if you love
as good as you look
and I have to admit
I'm aroused by your books

If I listen to all your secrets
will you make some with me
if I'm a choir boy
or a playboy
my partners never trust me

so I question this idea of monogamy
not because I don't want it
because I'm afraid it doesn't exist
whats projected as the norm
seems to be the twist
the exception to the rule
I'm most definitely a fool
I'm surrounded by and drowning
in my own ignorance
who needs more motivation
to stay in school

Take off your cool
Now that Andre is gone
I want to get to know you too
lets make love to Elevators
ME and U

Get so high
that we never want to
come back down to earth
give birth to future dogmas
collect drachmas
give it all to the greedy
will I always find U
if I stay needy

whats it like to be the benefactor
of me losing my confusions
dancing with The God of all religions
and having trouble with simple decisions
stuttering at derisions
harmlessness my discipline

after we make love again
may I ramble you to sleep
be careful swimming in my thoughts
they're too deep for some
Here comes "The Son"
to rapture my heart
take me back to the start