Thursday, June 7, 2012

Live Streaming

I don't kick the tires
on any vehicles
that bring me truth
I'm still Hip Hop
even if I
never again
grab the mic
or step inside
a recording booth
Wise enough to feast
on crumbs and fragments
even after drinking
from the whole
There is no lack in me
I have the Universal
backbone in me
even my antagonist
befriends me
my rhymes transcend me
fresh water
flows through me
never stagnated
or seperated
lies will never
subdue me
school me
I Am Learning
a disciple
of what is
cracked code bliss
know this
even death
cannot hold me
only shows
what words
don't know
where the path
inside my soul goes
open ME
and God flows

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

September or Singapore

How odd it all is
hers and hers and his
Poet of Les Miserables

I sip my bud light with lime
after photo sessions
with my kid

he makes her his
The reason things happen
never removes the sting
I did all I could
I don't know how
to change a damn thing

So I search out peace
in a raindrop
on a blade of grass
as the shadows
of clouds pass

reminding myself
universes once ulogized
should not be idolized
but vaporized like
the day after
the day after
I was born

I can't remember
but this was
only last September